Ecole de sophrologie évolutive

Atma yoga

L’Atma Yoga vise à une transformation de la totalité de l’être et de toute la conscience humaine. Elle est aussi appelé la voie intégrale ou voie intégrale.
L'Atma yoga fut dispensé par de grands sages, Mataji, Ramakrishna, Sivananda, Ramdas, Maa....

Son but premier est l'éveil, mais non pas comme un aboutissement , plutot comme une étape dans un immense processus évolutif de la conscience humaine.
Il part de l’idée que nous sommes l'Atman, tout en suggérant des techniques pour aider à se libérer de l’ignorance qui obscurcit notre nature divine.

Il est basé sur une éthique forte (Dharma), une pratique de Rappel et une Initiation, que personnellement j'ai trouvé très puissante et qui a transformé toute ma vie.
"Seuls, deux pouvoirs, par leur conjonction, peuvent accomplir la grande et difficile tâche qui est le but de notre effort: une aspiration constante et infaillible appelant d'en bas et une Grâce suprême répondant d'en haut.
Mais la Grâce suprême n'agira que dans les conditions de la lumière et de la vérité: elle n'agira pas dans les conditions imposées par le mensonge et l'ignorance." (Mère)
The essence of Atma Yoga is found in the Vedic philosophical conclusion of Achintya-Bheda-Abheda Tattva, or inconceivable oneness and simultaneous difference with the supreme. The Atma Yoga fundamental practice is the non identification with the body or the mind because this can cloud the original soul nature or jiva from fulfilling its life purpose of becoming one with the spirit (ATMAN).
AtmaYoga is a contemplative, gentle, yet dynamic approach to the powerful intimacy of yoga. Created from compassionate self awareness, inner stillness, and core strength, the practice is a path returning to the true Self. My intention as a yoga teacher is to assist each practitioner to explore themselves, their own inner path, and the unlimited potential for healing and wholeness that lives in the reunion of mind, body, heart, and soul.
We all are born with a special purpose in life and are born with tremendous inner potential. Once we explore the world and progress on the path of our lives, we gather innumerable experiences. These experiences get stored in our memories as impressions. The impressions cultivate into feelings. Some impressions or feelings are positive and some of them are negative. Negative impressions and feelings can manifest into FEAR. 
The accumulated negative Impressions, feelings and fears are the reason for unhappiness, failures, diseases, scarcity, poor relationship, mental stress, trauma etc. because they block our natural inner self being to unfold and immerge. 
Atma Yoga is like an Anti-Virus for the mental software of modern mankind and can be practiced by people of all age groups from all walks of life. It is a simple technique for mind and soul to clear inner unwanted impressions, feelings and fears.
Distortions Alters Truth Reality
A distortion is the alteration of Truth Reality which becomes an object, images, sound, waveform or other forms of information or representation while an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a sensation as the original.
Illusion Is Caused by Fear
An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation that is outwardly focused. While illusions are distortions of normal reality, these distortions are generally shared by most people, reinforcing the distortion as Truth which results in acquiring subtle fear being normal. Some illusions are based on general societal assumptions the brain makes in the present which are fueled by memory leading to recognition resulting in expectations and meaning that most always carry subtle emotional signals of fear.
Mistake Making is Generally Held to Mean ‘I Am’ Bad, Not Good Enough or Lacking
When One takes the Meaning of Making a Mistake to Mean ‘I Am’ Bad without Separating their Inherent Nature from having or not-having Knowledge - Fear Is There & Accumulates
A Mistake is Defined as to take in error, to miscarry, an error a blunder; to make an error, to do something in a wrong way. To understand wrongly can be embodied as Being wrong, Being bad, Being stupid, Being unaware and can include taking one thing for another, or someone for someone else. Being "mistaken" can carry an understanding that ‘I am Wrong” and can include Ones: identity, belief, notion, view, assumption, impression, idea, thinking, identification, diagnosis, interpretation, person, opinion, conclusion, judgment, conception, perception, theory, reading, concept. When this happens Fear is felt and reinforced, drains energy, makes one old, unhappy and unfulfilled.
Erroneousness Can Embody Fear
To view, understand or feel one is Erroneous contains a thought that becomes a conclusion meaning that ‘I Am’ Inn error, ‘I Am’ inaccurate as Inn being derived from an error. Mistaken which is taken to be and signifies an embodied deviation from the requirements; however in Truth what is embodied is Always Perfect Just the Way It Is All the Time. When That perfection, that ‘I Am’ is overlaid with a sense of Being less than, fear is there and that fear accumulates with every experience of feeling, thinking, acting as if ‘I Am’ less than. This applied connotation of Being Less Than without the Discerning Wisdom of Love; yet has the ability and the authority to distinguish the difference.


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